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Hello my name is Jerry I am a 49 year old man that has gone to prison 4 times the first time I wnet to prison it was because of a minor fight with someone of the age of 30 when I was 43 I do not know hoe to forgive myself and I do not know how to plead to god becausr of this I rarely need to pray to god because my life is so good and I dont know if I really need him. So how do I forgive myself for my sins

Hi Jerry,

Thank you for being honest and sharing your feelings. Sometime we have to go through some things in life. When we make the wrong decisions it can affect us but the good thing about making mistakes, we eventually learn from them. To address the issues you are expressing. First, it might seem as if you do not need God because life seems well, but what would you do if tragedy struck? Anything that in done in life, God did it. The purpose of prayer is for communication between you and God.


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